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Here are a few things to remember before starting anything with food:

Wash your hands.
Clean off countertop that you are going to use

Read the recipe all the way thru, making sure you have everything FIRST!

Don't be afraid to ask for help.


Always ALWAYS ALWAYS use hot pads when handling hot pans. No exceptions!


Be careful. Accidents CAN happen!


Most Important thing of all:!If you don't clean up after you cook, your mom or dad might not let you cook anymore!

If you would like to make one of these, just click on the name.

Note: There are pictures to go along with SOME recipes, unfornately, not all.
Ice Cream Float
Accordion Sandwhich
Homemade Lemonade
Scrambled Eggs from a Jar
Chocolate Cherry Dessert
Chocolate Cake
Macaroni and Cheese Soup
Popcorn Munchies
Sticky Buns
Spagetti Pie
Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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