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Free Web Sites for Kids

Are you interested in a web site, but don't know how to build one? Want a web site that looks kinda like these? Well you came to the right place!
Unfornately, I cannot build a web site for everyone. Here are a few things to read first.

1 You have to be 12 years old or younger.
2 I MUST have parents permission before I even start! All they have to do, is e-mail me at and tell me that it is ok. You can't send a e-mail, pretending to be them! If I think that you are pretending that your parents said ok, I may ask for other proof, such as a voice message.
3 Once I have permission, I can work on your page. It will be hosted right here, at bluekidworld! Once finished, I will e-mail the web site address for you.


1 You have to type up a paragraph about yourself, that you want people to know about you. Don't say too much about where you live. If you do, I may delete some stuff that you type about yourself.
2 If you want a picture of yourself on your web site, please ask your mom or dad to e-mail it to me.
3 If you want anything else on your site, you have to tell me, so I can put it on. I may, or may not, be able to add it to your site.
4 If you want some music in the background, like there is on bluekidworld, tell me what song you want, and I will try and find it.
Thats all for now. Remember, I HAVE to have your parents permission before I can make you a web site!!! Tell them to send a e-mail to: or, whichever you can remember.
If I make you a web site, the address for it may or may not be, something like this: